Simplicity is the final achievement.
— Frédéric Chopin

Marci is a Los Angeles native who brought her Hollywood glam touch to New York, she has worked at the trendiest salons in Industry and freelanced in TV networks. 

She has always had a love and passion for people and making them feel their very best, when she was 12 she would watch her 22 year old sister and hairdresser mother get ready and started practicing and making over her friends, taking pictures of them was her favorite.

She has then had love of Enhancing beautiful to even more beautiful for their special day, her love has made her one of the most sought after, that has even helped build a growing team of professional stylists. Her team is as professional, bubbly, and fun style as her.

We at Marci Saucedo Specialize in Special Occasion Airbrush Makeup, Hairstyling, and Extensions.